Enjoy this 5 minute audio clip of Dr. Howard talking about a new paradigm of forgivenessone where the work is an inside job; where there is no dependence on another person to do something different (i.e., apologize or make other behavioral changes); and the result of your efforts is for GIVING to YOUR SELF.

FORGIVENESS (audio 4:48)

In this new paradigm of forgiveness, the tools of Emotional Martial Arts keep on giving: First, get your “Critic” off the Judgmental throne; then do an emotional inventory of your “Teen” and “Child.” By recognizing, validating and releasing the judgment and the emotions of the 3 Committee Members (3CM) you land in the healing field of freedom.

When we release unwanted emotions, and judgments about right vs. wrong, we’re able to open our hearts and increase our capacity for joy.