On Tuesday, September 13, our Emotional Martial Arts™ (EMA) event focuses on the relationship of feelings and food. Emotional eating often leads to excess intake of sweets, salts and fats. These are the typical “comfort” foods we turn to when facing stress, conflicts, fatigue and emotionally imbalanced states.

Through storytelling and humor, Dr. H shows us how our emotional states affect our eating habits and our health. Attendees will gain understanding on how, as we become more emotionally balanced, our eating habits can follow suit and become healthier.

With live music and guided imagery, Dr. H and the Transformational Sound Healers lead us through a gentle sound healing experience that increases our awareness of the relationship of emotions, judgments and eating.

After the guided imagery, there is an opportunity for discussion to further integrate the tools of EMA. Like martial arts, this skill set can be practiced again and again to become reflexive and automatic. Learn with a black belt and bring more joy, creativity and youthfulness into your life.

Please bring a mat, pillow or blanket to ensure your comfort lying on the floor. Chairs are available if preferred.