Over a decade ago, while the whole country was fixated on weapons of mass destruction, I too was focused on the WMD’s ~ the weapons of mental destruction. You may recognize some or many of them: fires of fear, betrayal bombs, passive aggressive powder, shame shrapnel, guilt grenades, anger arrows, winds of worthlessness. That’s the “battlefield.”

These weapons of mental destruction are so often hidden. There are many hiding places for the WMD’s. They hide in our body. They hide in our stories. They hide in our subconscious mind. They hide in our behaviors. They hide in the past.

When we start to shed the light on the WMD’s we can start to manage them. When we start to see with a new clarity, with new vision, these WMD’s have less power. As they have less power, that’s when the Healing Field starts to grow.*

Click here to listen to the audio — choose Podcast 5 — slide through to about minute 20 or listen to the whole thing … it’s wonderful!

Now, it can sometimes take a while for the Healing Field to blossom. We’ve got to stay focused in order to take a dirt lot and build a garden. Conceptually, this is very “simple”. In practice, it’s exponential; you’ve got to do the work. It takes heavy lifting at first– the manure, fertilizers, sunshine and water.

With my patient Lori, the subject of my book The Healing Field, more and more of that healing light started to penetrate the darkness of the WMD’s and the battlefield. That was the transition.

At times, it came with a burst of light and the Healing Field was just magnificent. And then there were other times that the light would be invaded by the darkness. Eventually the darkness got less and less, and the light got stronger and stronger. For Lori, the light has stayed stronger to this day and she is waging inner peace.

The Child

In a previous post, I mentioned the committee of three and took some time talking about one of the three members: the critic, or the judge. Another committee member is the child. The child is often the scared, sad, approval-seeking child that can feel inadequate. We may not be aware of it. We imagine the child has been put in the basement and restrained with duct tape.

When we can rescue that child, take off the duct tape and allow that child to feel these hidden emotions, space is created for the wondrous, playful, creative child energy to come out … that’s the good stuff. Letting the child loose and getting our critic or judge out of the way opens up our body, our mind, our heart, our spirit. This is where I like to say the miracles happen. This is the space of grace and ease.

When you engage your inner child, you are totally present. You’re not in the future, you’re not in the past. You’re not in judgment. Your heart is open and that’s a great place and space to cultivate. It’s beautiful.

You still have to prepare for the coming of the WMD’s

I don’t want to create an image that once we get to the Healing Field we can dance and not have the darkness coming again. We can have joy, light, butterflies, and flowers. And, like any garden, it takes work to maintain it. The maintenance work is not as laborious as reconstructing our garden, which means the remnants of the battlefield are less and less, and the Healing Field is more and more. Life is a process … a long-term project that’s ongoing.

We’re “sentenced to life” and we might as well make it a great one!

* * * * * * *

 photo credit: Hidcote Manor Garden (NT) via photopin (license)