We all get stuck in energy-draining reactions. Think about the last time you perceived conflict or stress. What did you notice about your body, mind, thoughts and emotions?

MerryGoRound-in frameOr … did you notice nothing at all? Remember, awareness is the first line of defense.

How you react can make a difference in your overall health and well-being ~ you could be on the misery carousel or the merry-go-round of joy and fulfillment.

With awareness and practice, you can get unstuck faster and easier when triggered in conflict or stress. Let’s add a helpful tool to your self-care toolkit: conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing increases your capacity to recharge, center and renew yourself energetically to live the best life imaginable. When you practice conscious breathing–like an accordion player–you can modulate and regulate the expansion and contraction of your lungs, chest, spine and body.

When you combine conscious breathing with releasing physical tension and detaching from the stories your mind generates, you open access to a cache of emotions. And when you become aware of how emotions can drive perceptions and shape reality, you will want to let go of energy-draining thought-forms and experience a deepening inner peace.

Take a deep breath in. Expand your capacity for joy and creativity. Let go of thoughts and behaviors that weigh you down. Release and repeat.