Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1914 ~ Father’s Day lagged way behind, even though people tried for years to make it a holiday. Presidents Coolidge and Johnson acknowledged Father’s Day, but it was still not an official holiday until President Nixon proclaimed it so in 1972.

If you are a father, we wish you a happy day full of love and good cheer.

We can also reflect on our own inner parent …

One of our Emotional Martial Arts concepts, The 3 Committee Members (3CM) reveals how important the parent role is (whether it’s mother or father or both).

We talk about the judgmental/critical parent that frames our thoughts, actions, and beliefs when we’re in REACTION mode. We say It’s our loving parent that takes over when we’re in CREATION mode.

Celebrate your unconditionally loving inner parent in CREATION mode and experience more joy, love, acceptance, compassion and empowerment.


Elana & Howard