EMA Workbook – Part 2



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Emotional Martial Arts®: The gift of a new language ~ learning conscious awareness of our emotions so we do not act from unconscious reactions, driven by our hidden emotions! Cultivating our awareness has the potential to powerfully change our lives ~ being more awake in each moment, embracing ourselves and others in the present, rather than a reflexive response fueled by the past.

Inside we have added fun, Emotional Martial Arts® quotes and teachings, places to journal, references to teachings and guided meditations.

For each Emotional Martial Arts® Topic:

  • Key Teaching points of Lesson
  • Black Belt Tools: Prompting Questions: tools to help you venture deeper into your work
  • Places to journal
  • Thought-provoking quotes

 Sharpening the Tools: Deepening Emotional Martial Arts Series

  1. Sticks and Stones: POW: Power of Words to Harm or Heal
  2. U Turn: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy and Become your Best Advocate
  3. Positively NOT: How to Say “No” Graciously in any Situation
  4. Good Grief! Healthy Grieving: Releasing Old Pain
  5. Healthy Anger: Harnessing Positive Emotional Energy from Negative Sources
  6. Healthy Guilt: Continuing to Convert Positive Emotional Energy from Negative Sources
  7. Forgiveness: An Opportunity for Freedom
  8. Deepening Emotional Martial Arts in Our Lives


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