I feel fortunate to have experienced Dr. Howard Richmond’s unique form of emotional healing called Emotional Martial Arts on numerous occasions.  Dr. Richmond has a heart-centered approach to healing and to life in general, which comes through very clearly in his healing sessions.  He weaves emotional healing approaches in with kindness and gentle comedy in a down-to-earth style that is accessible and friendly.  Participants who wish to may easily and gently access stuck emotions from the past through his soothing guided visualizations.  His formula of recognizing, validating, and releasing these stuck emotions is a powerful one.

Most people could use a regular emotional “tune-up” and Dr. Richmond’s guided visualization seems to be an excellent way to accomplish this. Dr. Howard has now blended his beautiful guided visualizations with the soothing sounds created by a few select sound healers to create an exceptional emotional healing situation.  This combination of sound with visualization assists attendees in relaxing and deepening the healing experience.

Dr. Richmond has extensive experience as a psychiatrist and has written a book on emotional healing.  He and his wife Elana (also a very heart-centered person) have a non-profit organization called “The Healing Field Foundation” (based on his book of the same name) to which they donate the profits of these healing sessions.

I would highly recommend Dr. Howard’s emotional healing events.

Tamara Goldsby, Ph.D.

Research Affiliate, U.C.S.D.