A really big part of Emotional Martial Arts™ is developing emotional awareness which can eventually lead to emotional resiliency. We all have our judge, our critic, which is our story-maker and our story-teller. It’s that place right behind your forehead — the prefrontal cortex — where your thoughts, beliefs, judgments, conclusions and stories are created and held.

It can hijack our brains, causing us to pay attention to it as if it’s truth or fact but mostly it’s ego fiction; it’s just story, story, story. It’s the story that goes “he, she, it, they or them did something to me and I have the details to prove it … and if you are my friend you will listen to all my details.”

That’s what is in our heads most of the time — he, she, it, they or them. Story, story, story, details, details, details. “Let me tell you the details; let me bask in the details.”

The details of the story change; the process of getting stuck in our stories does not change — and, man-oh-man, that gets boring. It’s like watching reruns of old movies … you know what’s coming and can quote the dialogue along with the characters.

3 Committee Members

Become aware of how story is running in the background. Cultivate recognizing what emotions are buried beneath the story — use the 3 Committee Members card as a tool to help you identify what may be driving the story. Once you can recognize the emotions (even just one emotion), that emotion now becomes validated (i.e., able to come out from “hiding”), which eventually brings on release of that emotion — building emotional resiliency and practice shifting from REACTION MODE to CREATION MODE. The more you practice … the more you practice. Think about that!

Enjoy the movie above … it’s actually one you could watch over and over again.

Inner Peace ~ Wage It!

Elana & Howard