Transform Your Energy Circuits

… from Survival to “Thrival.”

Years ago I was listening to “A Way With Words” on NPR radio. The hosts invited listeners to call in if they had a word they thought should be a word but was not a word. I have a word, I thought to myself. I called the number and before I knew it I was on the air. “Just as survive, is to survival,’’ I said to Martha, the Queen of Words, “thrive, should be to this new word––thrival.”

We can all get caught up in survival mode. There is always so much to do. We can feel constantly behind the 8-ball, struggling to find time to unwind, if we even let ourselves. The point is, stress, and the excess stress generated by being stuck in the default mode of survival, depletes our energy, results in dis-ease, and robs us of our innate capacity for joy, creativity, and vitality.

Fortunately we can “re-wire” our neural circuits and shift out of survival mode into thrival mode. In thrival mode, we are more present, most at ease––our minds no longer flittering to and from past, present, and future. While the interactions of our thoughts and emotions, physical sensations and behavior are quite complex and driven by deep drives in our brain, there are a variety of ways we can cultivate new patterns that produce life-altering positive changes. The thrust of my work is to teach others these practical tools to shift into thrival mode.