Dr. Howard E. Richmond began a tough battle with pancreatitis over a year ago. He had constant medical care in addition to loving, healing hands and prayerful thoughts from all over the world. In spite of his resilience and strength, force of will and zest for life, the disease overwhelmed his body and he passed on Thursday, November 3.

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Over the course of his illness, Dr. H continued to lead dozens of EMA events and Sunday Soul Talks at Soul of Yoga. If you were there, you may have noticed or wondered about the pain and discomfort he might have been experiencing. Dr. H was the embodiment of living life using the Emotional Martial Arts™ tools. He had the strongest mind-body-spirit connection of anyone I have ever known and he was fear-less. Please know that Dr. H was getting his life’s blood from working with people and teaching the EMA tools. We will need those tools now as we pay our respects and say our earthly goodbyes.

We are blessed to have a treasure trove of Dr. H’s words and thoughts, tools and concepts, prescriptions and encouragement. We have his soothing voice and original 12-string guitar playing through guided meditations. We have him on audio and video teaching the things we will need to hear in order to process the profound loss created by his untimely death. We will also need his tools going forward so we continue to create the life of joy and comfort he truly hoped we would all have.

Yes, we are blessed and lucky to have learned from Dr. H, the founder and Black Belt of Emotional Martial Arts™, that we can Recognize, Validate and Release (RVR) emotions that would otherwise hold us captive and cripple our lives. His work is rich and timeless, and we will make sure to keep his legacy alive by sharing the EMA tools as he would have wanted.

Grief is something to acknowledge and work with … not get over — and remember “healing is non-linear”. We will work together in the best way we know how to mourn and celebrate my husband and best friend. I will not be there but people we love and trust will be there to support you. When the time is right for me, we will have a celebration and memorial that we can all be a part of; I will for sure let you know. Remember when we asked Dr. H how long healing would take? Remember what he said, “it takes as long as it takes” and asking the question has the potential to keep us stuck in judgment.

The last page of Dr. H’s book, The Healing Field, is entitled “Meet Me in The Healing Field.” We will.

With love and light,


P.S. Please watch this video and take away the blessing of the refrain.

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