The Healing Field Movie

The Healing Field

based on a true story that addresses the tough topics of anorexia, self-esteem, suicide, and abuse with enough gravity, humor, and hope to start you on your own path toward healing.

Director: Rob Reiner

Starring: Javier Bardem as Dr. Henry Kaplan, the psychiatrist and Keira Knightley as Lori Johnson, the patient who is determined to kill herself by starvation.


Tagline: Sometimes it’s not just the patient who needs transformation. Such is the case with Henry Kaplan, MD, when he first meets Lori.


Storyline: When a failed back surgery causes thirty-nine-year-old Lori’s inner reserves to crumble, she is forced to see a psychiatrist and finally face her tortured past. Still new to psychiatry, “Dr. H” faces his biggest challenge to date when Lori stumbles through his door. Little do they know that their relationship is one that will either make them or break them. Between her desperation and his determination, they are locked in a battle for life that will cross conventional boundaries and reveal that healing and freedom come in surprising forms.

As Lori fights to overcome anorexia and reclaim her self-worth, Dr. H must find the courage to step outside established scientific methods and try less orthodox techniques if he has any hope of helping her. Based on a true story, The Healing Field is the inspirational journey of a doctor and his patient who must both face their fears in order to embrace their lives.