Workshops and Keynotes

Dr. Howard Richmond shows individuals and organizations how to break through sabotaging habits, obstacles and fears ~ and navigate the subconscious forces we all have ~ to reach our highest potential.

Popular Workshops

Emotional Martial Arts: “Improv ” Your Skills

This creativity day workshop uses improvisational exercises to enhance understanding of how to deal more effectively with emotionally charged moments and facilitate healing.


Just like in Martial Arts, the training and goal focuses on seeing adversity before or as it happens in order to neutralize and shift the force of energy. In tense situations, we are poorly prepared to deal with our own emotional charge and what seems to be coming at us from others.


By using improvisational exercises combined with group discussion, participants will become more adept in situations where they feel angry, frustrated or inept. We will have fun while learning the ways our judgements, reactions and emotions show up, both consciously and subconsciously, and how we can rapidly identify them to move through tense situations with more ease and expertise.


Become a black belt!


The first part of the day starts out with ice-breakers and improv exercises that help the participants open up and loosen their inhibitions while developing a trusting and safe environment. The improv and group interactions delve progressively deeper, culminating with shared one-on-one playing out of real situations.


The Five Hiding Places of Emotions

The notion that emotions “drive our perception and shape our reality” has become more apparent in a growing body of neuroscientific research. At the same time we tend to lose our footing when confronted with charged emotions––the ones that act as powerful magnets––trapping us in well-worn “stories.”


This creative and interactive workshop integrates the art and science of uncovering the five “hiding places” of emotions, helping participants to rapidly cultivate emotional fluency. Using case studies and a novel strategy of identifying the 3 “committee members” that serve as reactive representations (vulnerable-approval-seeking child, angry-rebellious adolescent and critical parent), participants learn how to find their way out of their stories ~ and shift their focus to managing the disproportionate intensity of emotions to facilitate transformational change.


Conscious Pilot: How Hidden Emotions Drive Our Perception and Shape Our Reality

Have you ever been upset about something and felt your reaction to be too strong or last too long? Whenever we get emotionally charged or stuck in conflict, our mind creates a story of why we are upset—and that story hides what’s really going on.


The Story Beneath the Story™ reveals the powerful nature of the subconscious mind, and demonstrates how:

  •  Emotions drive our perception—and shape our reality
  •  Emotions “hide”
  •  Emotions “don’t know the calendar”



“Dr. How is one of the most insightful people I have ever worked with. He can convey through humor very complex psychological issues to make it easily understood and funny at the same time.” Greg Dean, Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy

“Howard is a rare talent. He brings all of his gifts together for one singular end: Enrich and Enlighten.” Elaine H. Arm Ph.D.

“We couldn’t have found anyone to make our show look more polished and professional.” Vicki Barbolak, Comedian

“He had hundreds of us laughing till our bellies hurt.” Peter V. Madill, M.D.

“Two great bonuses come with Howard Richmond’s medicine bag: Enlightened Courage and Mastery of the Comic Shrink. He is someone I’d love the world to meet.” Woody Fulmor, Rolfer