Life Gets Sticky

In the February 23 Emotional Martial Arts™ event, Dr. H teaches us how we all get stuck in “story” and why we need to discover the “story beneath the story,” that is, how emotions drive our perception and shape our reality; how emotions hide; and how emotions don’t know the calendar.

What to Expect

Often our “stories” feel like a source of pain or discontentment. Dr. H shows us how our stories can actually be gifts. By using the tools of Emotional Martial Arts™ we learn how to take our stories and uncover the hidden emotions that end up keeping us stuck in the same cycles.

Attendees will be guided with spoken word and music to unlock and release tension in the body and the mind where hidden emotions and negative beliefs stagnate.

Discover the highest truth about emotions, reality and perception. Experience what it’s like to get an “emotional tune-up.” Improve the quality of your relationships, increase your capacity to be more fully present and bring more joy into your life.

Share If You Like

Interested participants will have an opportunity to share a “story” or conflict and be shown how to use these tools to release energy-draining reactions. Whether sharing or just observing this process unfold, you will gain practical tools to use in your everyday life. Like martial arts, we need to practice this skill set again and again so they become reflexive and automatic.

Learn with a black belt and receive the gift of waging inner peace.

Tuesday, February 23
6:30 to 8:00 PM
Doors open at 6:15 PM
701 Garden View Court

Please remember to bring a blanket, mat or pillow to ensure your comfort lying on the floor. Chairs are available if preferred.