Sometimes life is a game of Hide & Seek … and it’s our emotions that are doing the hiding! If we learn to work intimately with emotions (instead of running away from them or overindulging in them) we can experience a spiritual and transformational process of wholeness and wellbeing.

Join us for the March 8th Emotional Martial Arts™ event where the topic is Hide & Seek: The Five Hiding Places of Emotions. Dr. H will tell us all about the five hiding places of emotions and how to play nicely with our emotions.

Dr. H and his Transformational Sound Healers will then lead us with live music in a sound healing experience that gently deepens the power of the work of EMA (i.e., recognizing, validating and releasing lost, hidden and excessive emotional charges) through music, guided imagery and meditation.

Please bring a pillow, mat or blanket to ensure your comfort lying on the floor. Chairs are available if preferred.