I accept me as I am


As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider the following affirmation:

“I commit to working on accepting myself as I am while I strive to become the best version of me that I can.”

Does this affirmation appeal to you? Have you looked at your relationship with your self? Consider the following:

Often we look outward to get our “love needs” met and neglect to acknowledge the powerful impact of our relationship with our self.

We commonly get stuck in self-judgment without realizing it, and do not realize the negative impact it has on our potential to give and receive love.

Self-acceptance means releasing negative slights, judgments or recriminations that we commonly inflict on ourselves.

When we practice self-acceptance, we increase our capacity to love others more fully.

For a deeper dive into cultivating a healthy relationship with self, join us at the next EMA or check out our Emotional Martial Arts™ Home Study Transformation Series.