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 Emotional Martial Arts®

In a world that sometimes seems upside down and scary, it would be nice to have a greater understanding of what drives our moods, our anxieties, our emotions, our coping skills.

Emotional Martial Arts® (EMA) is a proprietary array of tools for understanding emotions and maximizing our capacity for joy, creativity, empowerment and more.

EMA was developed by Howard E. Richmond, MD over the course of his 25+ years of studying the human condition. We are now entrusted with teaching the tools for him ~ and he is ever our guiding light.

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Learn about the Five Circles of Awareness and how Conscious Breathing can affect Body, Thought, Behavior and Emotions.  

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Replays of Lessons and Meditations are available as downloadable, self-paced eCourses, webinars and Podcasts.

We are here to help people to integrate the teachings of Emotional Martial Arts® as a potent language of love with tools that help us wage inner peace. Emotions – most of which we are not aware of – drive our perception and shape our reality, which means we may not even be aware of the emotions that are driving our reactions. EMA teaches us the tools to identify those emotions so we are in charge of our reactions – moving from Auto-Pilot to Conscious-Pilot. The awareness of these emotions helps us to release the density that those emotions hold which then opens up space for more peace and emotional freedom!


Level 1 Covers:

1: Emotional Martial Arts®: A Practice of Waging Inner Peace

2: What We Don’t Know that Keeps Us Stuck

3: Hide & Seek: The Five Hiding Places of Emotions

4: Judgment is a Truth Contaminant: Unblocking the Coffin of Judgment to Release Hidden Emotions

5: How to Not Take Things Personally: Even When they Feel So Personal

6: Deepening EMA in our Lives

Interested? email: [email protected]

LEVEL 2 Covers:

1: Sticks & Stones: POW: Power of Words to Harm or Heal

2: U Turn: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy and Become your Best Advocate

3: Good Grief! Healthy Grieving: Releasing Old Pain 

4: Positively NOT: How to Say “No” Graciously in any Situation

5: Healthy Anger/Healthy Guilt: Harnessing Positive Emotional Energy from Negative Sources

6: Forgiveness: An Opportunity for Freedom

Interested? email: [email protected]


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The Gift of Giving and Receiving

The Gift of Giving and Receiving

'Tis the season, huh? I walked into the physical therapists’ office yesterday and Denise (a woman most likely in her early 70’s) was sitting at her desk – the place she works at her computer and welcomes clients when they come into the practice. She was wonderfully...

Reruns Are Boring – Change the Movie

Reruns Are Boring – Change the Movie

  We all have a mental movie projector that plays reruns. We get stuck in reruns. Boy, anybody can relate to that. Now, what I’ve learned up close with some of my challenging patients over the years, is that this “movie” metaphor is so powerful, and it’s so “real.”...

Are You For Giving?

Are You For Giving?

Enjoy this 5 minute audio clip of Dr. Howard talking about a new paradigm of forgiveness: one where the work is an inside job; where there is no dependence on another person to do something different (i.e., apologize or make other behavioral changes); and the result...

The Elephant in the Room – Death

The Elephant in the Room – Death

My appliance guy came over to the house the other day to do a minor repair. He says to me, “You look good; are you happy?” He and I have worked together for many years (through Property Management) and are on a friendly basis, talking about life and relationships –...

Emotional Balance Leads to Healthier Eating

Emotional Balance Leads to Healthier Eating

On Tuesday, September 13, our Emotional Martial Arts™ (EMA) event focuses on the relationship of feelings and food. Emotional eating often leads to excess intake of sweets, salts and fats. These are the typical “comfort” foods we turn to when facing stress, conflicts,...

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Mother's Day became an official holiday in 1914 ~ Father's Day lagged way behind, even though people tried for years to make it a holiday. Presidents Coolidge and Johnson acknowledged Father's Day, but it was still not an official holiday until President Nixon...

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